Receive Specialized Education in Fashion Technology

Fashion Designing Courses focus on building groundwork in terms of conceptualization, research, design sense and individual artistic expression. We are career focused and bring the industry into the classroom every day, offering real-world opportunities for experience and employment.

Fashion Designing

Fashion design is form of art to work as a designers . You should have an artistic and creative personality. You also have to be a good at drawing and able to express your ideas in sketches . You don't necessarily have to be a great artist . But you must have some special skills for combining colors , tones and shades. You also have to be able to work with fabric and use textiles in a creative and original manner. fashion designing have good visual imagination and are able to think in three dimension and put their ideas into garments.

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Beautician Courses

A beautician is defined as a person who gives beauty treatment to skin , nail and hair etc.., . Beautician help their clients improve on or acquire a certain look by applying advance trending aesthetic applications. A trained person whose job it is to improve the appearance of a customers face,body,and, hair using make-up and beauty treatments often in a beauty salon

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Home Science

Home science or the science of managing a home includes all the things that concern ourselves . Our home , our family members and our resources . It aims at getting maximum satisfaction for us and our family members through the efficient and scientific use of your resources. Home science means the art of meaning your resource efficiently and the science of achieving and happy home as well as successful career

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Kerala Technical Education

FDGT-(Fashion Designing & Garment Technology) The purpose of the stream of Fashion Design and Garment technology under the broad head of Professional Competency Education is to tell the students about the fundamentals of fashion design and production of garments

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The scheme of Jan Shikshan Sansthan (JSS) is a unique scheme crafted by the Government of India. JSS's are institutes of People's Education focusing on the poor, the illiterates, the neo-literates, the under-privileged and the un-reached.The Jan Shikshan Sansthans are unique in that they do not provide just skill development, but link literacy with vocational skills and provide large doses of Life Enrichment Education (LEE) to the people.They do not work in isolation but aim for convergence with other stakeholders in society.It is their endeavor to shape their beneficiaries into self reliant and self-assured employees and entrepreneurs.

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Origin Courses

Origin institute have several vocational courses under the government and other relevant educational bodies. we focuses on the complete uplift of each and every students of the society in community level.

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